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Catherine Haddad - 05/19/16 - Canter Zig Zag zig zag, collected canter, half pass, leg yield

Catherine Haddad returns with an essential video about the canter zig zag.  Watch as she rides her GP partner, Hotmail, and demonstrates her steps to creating a polished zig zag, as well as exercised to increase your skills in this difficult movement.

Video Description

Catherine Haddad brings us an expert lesson on riding the canter zig zag and the skills required to perform this tricky movement. She rides Hotmail, her GP horse, and begins by pointing out you should have a good response to the cue for the flying change as well as a canter half pass before schooling this movement. She first checks in and makes sure that she has a “small” canter, rather than calling it collected, and an easy transition back and forth to a bigger canter. She emphasizes the need for it to be an effortless small canter and shows the pitfalls many fall into when asking for collection. They work through several excellent exercises to give the rider the control that they need for the zig zags, including leg yielding and then half passing from the quarter line to the wall. the next step is a half pass to a leg yield of the opposite rein while continuing in the same direction before asking for the flying change. She discusses why this is so important in the zig zag.

Catherine Haddad-Staller-USA
Catherine Haddad, a member of the US Team many times over, World Cup, WEG, Olympic Trials competitor. Catherine currently trains on the east coast and in Florida during season, previously living and training out of her farm in Vechta, Germany, for many ma

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