Finally….I see some light!

Lordano with Jody

I’ve been back riding for about a month. I am soo happy just to be riding period. However I still see that I have the same problem I have had over the last year….for some reason my Lordi and I werent’ communicating when I asked for canter and he is the wiggliest animal I have ever seen. For almost a year we have been dealing with this. Other professionals can USUALLY get the canter and straighten through forward, but for me…it was definitely sporadic. Continue reading “Finally….I see some light!”

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School Masters are worth a million bucks!!!!

I’m riding the schoolmaster, debating about getting on my own horse….hmmmm.

School Masters are invaluable
Back on board

Well the leg is almost all healed, heck of a lot stronger! Therefore I started riding one of sweet schoolmasters at our barn, she is small, small gaits, and I can actually shut my eyes and she will just go on autopilot around the ring. Now…,this is very useful for someone in my recovery situation. First I rebuild my mental confidence on her, second my body can get the movement, rhythm and Feel back. She is a real blessing 🙂 Today….Im thinking I might just try a little short ride on  my own horse :))))

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