Sleep and Thank You

3421358Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. I said I would write as long as people were interested, and from the lack of Facebook responses, I’d assumed that time had come, but then I received a few personal emails saying they missed my entries and they so enjoyed them, please don’t stop. So my joyful duty isn’t over. I do very much enjoy it; I suppose it’s an outlet for my joy of writing, as well as feeling that it’s the least I can do for the public who’s always been there for me. I also know it’s a pain to write comments on Facebook because you have to go back and forth between pages as my website won’t allow me to have direct messages, so I just appreciate all the comments before.
My life. The main thing right now is my incessant battle with sleep. My tolerance for Xyrem hasn’t been reduced during the seventeen month hiatus. (Neither has my tolerance to alcohol, which is lucky because I do love my wine!) The initial five hours of sleep I got from the maximum dose of Xyrem has remained resolutely at two and a half hours. I’m pretty comfortable getting through my next couple clinics on the Xyrem as I can take it a few times in a night, but I don’t want to be dependent on drugs forever, even if we can find a stronger one than Xyrem, i.e. the date-rape drug.
I tried listening to a hypnotic sleep app, and at first it worked brilliantly. On the third night, I got a full five hours of straight sleep, and on the fourth, I listened to it six times to no avail. Apparently my body has the same rapid tolerance production to hypnotic apps as it does to drugs. I tried two other similar apps, but the people’s voices weren’t soothing at all, were actually slightly jarring.
Now I have a guided meditation app that I’m quite excited about. I didn’t get a chance to listen to it fully last night because the night before, Jason had kindly let me Xyrem it up and he had a bad night with LM, so when last night started badly I had him go in the other room and leave her in bed with me, so sleep aids weren’t happening. But I heard enough to know that I love her voice and her laid back way of speaking.
So onward and upward!
I also wanted to say a collective thank you to those who’ve done a review of my book on Amazon. I know it’s time consuming and a bit of a pain, but I know, when I’m considering buying, it greatly helps me to read other’s opinions. So thank you.
One final thing: I have some riding boots to sell if anyone who’s a size 9 1/2 needs some. I believe I have a light brown pair, a dark brown pair and a black. Email

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