What can you do when it’s zero below?

HorseinsnowI had a great question from a member the other day that really got me thinking. She asked for ideas of things to do with her horse when it’s zero below and you have no indoor arena. Great question. I had no answers off the top of my head. However, as I began thinking about it…I knew more than I thought.

The following are my ideas and links to videos you may view on DTO that can assist you. 1) Equine Massage, this can be done in the stall or an isle, anywhere you have room for you and horse. This is great for the horse mental and physical needs and great bonding. 2) In Hand Work, this can be done in a fairly small space, you can work on bend, suppleness, collection, getting a quicker hind leg, piaffe and half steps and attentiveness to you! 3) Mounting Tactics, work on getting your horse to stand still during and after mounting. This can also be done in a very confined space. 4) Hand Walking, this can be done up and down an aisle way or in covered areas, or non covered, no arena needed. 5) Beauty Day, focus on grooming, bang that tail, trim the top sides of the tail, pull and trim the mane, curry, brush, comb. 6) Building Confidence in Your Horse, play games to do this, done with very little room.

Those are my ideas, click the green highlighted links to view the videos. If anyone has additional ideas, I would love to gather them!

Happy Riding,


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