My Life

This morning I woke from a dream in which I was riding, nothing fancy, just a typical day of training. Mostly what made it real was the scent. I could smell me, that unique scent of sweat mingled with horsiness. And I found myself waking to regretting that I couldn’t ride anymore; I wasn’t even close to realizing my full potential. 245265Imagining how eventually I could have become a stronghold with Steffen in international competition.  The owners of my Olympic horse were in the process of buying me a new horse; I was intending to try to qualify Grandioso for WEG; I had two extremely promising youngsters provided by sponsors. How different my life could have been.
But then my thoughts shifted to River. How almost every day I get to let her sleep on me for her two naps; how I get to spend almost entire days playing with her and watching her play; how loving her nearly makes my heart burst. How different my life would have been.
My life is different, but certainly not worse.

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