Quatro Noites em Portugal

LusitanoWell my 2014 round-the-world winter trip consisted of teaching in Canada, and the UK – I think I counted 65 lessons in the first two weeks of my “holiday”. Then I flew to Portugal to make the most of four short but action packed days of Lusitano horses before heading to France for the World Equestrian Games.
So on a warm Wednesday night in August I found myself yet again flying into one of my favourite places on earth courtesy of Ryan Air. It is hard to describe the feeling I get when I step onto Portuguese soil and breathe in the balmy Lisboa air. Portugal is the antipode of New Zealand – literally the opposite side of the earth, and I feel a strange magnetism or pull to this place every year. Maybe it’s a past life experience, maybe the Iberian Peninsula is somewhere back in my history, or maybe it’s just the Lusitano horse pulling at me heart.
I was greeted at the airport by my agent and good friend Nicole Giger – she is easy to spot – a tall elegant blonde Swiss woman amongst all the smaller dark haired Portuguese. Nicole and I have always hit it off since the first time we met three years ago. Not only had she visited New Zealand in her youth, most of her time was spent in Raglan, at a horse farm just up the road from my abode. Small world huh? Continue reading “Quatro Noites em Portugal”

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