Finding Inspiration

After six years, I moved to a new barn. Anyone who has gone through that knows, it’s a nerve racking experience. I was nervous to say the least. But I KNEW, in my soul, it was the right thing to do. I lacked the training, footing, tribe and kindness I wanted at my old space and yearned for something new. But I was nervous of the unknown. Did I already say I was nervous? I was nervous. I went forth and low and behold…it’s everything I wanted, needed and more.

Having no consistent lessons for over a year (except for my virtual DTO lessons) I worked with someone new for the first time this week. So much fun! I found the time for me and it felt great! Funny thing was, most of it I already knew. However, what happens is this; if we’ve been doing anything for any length of time and we’ve been good students, the answers are within us but we forget they are there. They are the voice inside of our head that we shut out too much of the time. So having someone push the button inside helps one listen to the voice of what is inside and holds you accountable to activate that knowledge. That’s why I love training.

I also love it, because I often walk away with a new aha, something I hadn’t heard before. That’s actually hard for me to find because I’m privy to watching SO MANY trainers train. But I heard something new, valuable and note worthy. More than likely it’s something I had indeed heard, seen or was taught, but sometimes, you just need to hear it explained differently to actually get it to resonate with YOU.

I completed a Pro/Am review this week with another amateur rider who gave a review on a video she found especially inspirational. She said something cool though; “Even when the weather or my job or my health is keeping me from riding, I feel like I’m still in the game and keeping up with my learning, I’m just doing it with DTO. Cheapest lessons I’ve ever had!” Barbara Prosser, Adult Amateur, Kentucky, USA. I have to say, I love that and it makes it worth while:)

Happy Riding


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