Remembering Me

I feel so unbelievably grateful that the equestrian world hasn’t forgotten me even though I haven’t been down the centerline in five and a half years. The Chronicle of the Horse Untacked is doing an article on me in the upcoming May/June issue, and they sent out a photographer, Carien Schippers (, who took the most lovely shots. Although I take many pictures of Little Miss doing cute things, I hardly have any of the family or close-ups of her. 8172356And I thought the quality of my iPhone photos was good until I saw these. Although I’m sure much of that has to do with the skill of the photographer! Carien so kindly said she would come and photograph River again at no charge. Photographing subjects with no horses is not in her comfort zone, but she said Little Miss was an easy and enjoyable model!
I’m very curious to see this article. For how much info they gathered, it’ll be about a million pages long with ten million photos! They’re even printing a portion of my book!
You know, The Chronicle is where my equestrian journey began. When I was seventeen, I found an ad in a fifteen-year-old issue that Lendon Gray was looking for a working student. I new the chances were slim that she’d still be looking but I called, and the rest is history.
For anyone wondering, my sleep test was canceled because insurance won’t cover it (yet!), but my doctor is giving a home-testing machine to use overnight next Thursday.

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