Review of the 2016 Dressage Convention featuring Dutch superstar, Adelinde Cornelissen

Dutch Olympian, Adelinde Cornelissen, click to watch the mini-clip, as she teaches in the 2016 West Coast Dressage Convention

In May we sponsored the 2016 Dressage Convention, featuring Adelinde Cornelissen and offered it as a live stream event. Meaning it had to be paid for to view via live stream or as a replay. We are breaking into the live stream space to bring additional pieces of content and more entertaining type events to our viewership.

The live stream offer came with mixed reviews by our members and thus I want to say a few words regarding this. I completely understand the frustration by members to find that DTO was offering this but not as part of their membership package. Please understand that sometimes we have to accept certain terms to be able to ultimately give you what you want and expect. If we had to spend top dollar for all content, we would not be able to keep our prices down, as we would have to recoup more cost to make it a profitable venture. Second, we wanted to be able to offer content to those who haven’t experienced membership yet to try to show them the value of being a member. At the end of the day, we were successful in doing both of these things and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

I was so much looking forward to being stationed in Vancouver to attend this conference LIVE. I get to be privy to a PLETHORA of training the world over and STILL rarely get the chance to just sit, relax, absorb, experience, contemplate, think and learn from the masters, as applied to my own ride, for me! It was a lovely two days in a smallish, comfortable venue where every attendee could be up close and have prime viewing and hearing of all sessions. Scott Hayes Productions, who hosted the event did a super job and everything went smoothly. To watch the first half of day 1, click here.

Here are my key take away’s from Adelinde’s teaching:

  • Goal’s. How you train, what you school is all going to be based on your personal goals. Be realistic, but set them, whatever they may be. Do nothing less than that.
  • Understand that the mental game is extremely important. 80% of top sport is about the mental piece, so no matter how driven, talented or experienced of a rider you may be, if you don’t have your mental game in line with your goals you will fail. One has to understand themselves to master the mental talk they personally require to succeed, as my mental game may be very different than someone else’s.
  • Speed control. Much of your schooling no matter your level will focus on this. Little steps, big steps, short steps, long steps, collected canter, medium canter, extended canter, walk, collected walk, extended trot, medium trot, any time, any where. Always varying.
  • One sided horse. Work to get more bend on that side to get better or equality on both sides.
  • Problems in the changes. Keep weight on the correct lead side so the new hind has freedom to jump through.
  • To better your outside rein connection, use Leslie Reid’s diamond exercise, found here, in video.
  • Getting your horse up and lighter. Focus on getting them to sit behind and be able to let go in front with a feeling of lightness. Work toward this, even if you only get a few strides, continue working towards getting more. Bit by bit.
  • Work on half steps. Really just about speed control. Slow down the trot, gradually just getting slower and slower until you get it in place. Passage is trained by Adelinde as a forward motion out of the piaffe.
  • Training only starts when your out of your comfort zone.

All in all it was two days filled with many take aways which of course will differ from viewer to viewer. What resonates with me will be different than what resonates with you. Yes, there are universal good take away’s however it is proven that we focus our attention on those things we relate to, meaning have interest in.

Adelinde is obviously a very talented and driven woman, her achievements speak for themselves. I believe her mental game is fully in tact. She is not a trainer or clinician who calls out your ride to you, instead she lets you be the leader and addresses what she sees.

First half of day 1 currently available, by clicking here.

Cheers to a fabulous ride!



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