Heather Salden Kurtz


Heather Salden-Kurtz is a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, and a USEA Gold Medalist. She has been working out of Cross Creek Stables in Cologne, MN since 1997, beginning as an assistant manager and working student before starting her own training business in 2006. Heather has ridden with many of the world’s greatest trainers, including Betsy Steiner, Ralph Hill, and Janet Foy, Paul Belasik, Kate Phillips, and Emily Miles and rides regularly with USEF ‘S’ judge Bill Solyntjes.

Heather has started many young horses and brought them through the levels of dressage and eventing. She also specializes in “problem” horses, helping them work through their specific issues with a patient and understanding hand. Using classical dressage training, she believes in taking time to develop the trust and harmony between horse and rider, and strives to teach her students to do the same.

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