Heather Mason Clinic Review from Joelle

Feb. 29, 2016

Today I rode in a Heather Mason clinic hosted by Jersey Palms in Jackson NJ. I rode my half arab/dutch warmblood, who is showing rated First Level and schooling Second. Heather’s clinic was jammed packed and she provided your moneys worth. We worked on many movements and aspects of first and second levels. Heather had a great ability to analyze my horse and I in a short period of time; not Joelleonly assessing our strengths and weaknesses but providing engaging exercises. Her feedback was positive, encouraging and challenging. She provided us with tasks that pushed myself and my horse. We worked on spirals (in/out) at all gates, shoulder-in, haunches in, counter canter, walk pirouettes and many transitions, especially between the sitting and working trot. Heather knew when to give breaks from movements an did not arbitrary drill without understanding of both the rider and horse. She was very patient yet firm in her explanations and directions. While both my horse and I were very exhausted at the end, I felt empowered in my training and also was provided with new exercises to continue to work on in my lessons with my own trainer. This clinic was highly beneficial and I would recommend it to any rider of any level, schooling or showing.



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