Dressage trainer Jeremy Steinberg clinic review May 2016

I rode with Jeremy two days in May. I believe day one he could observe that we had issues of being enough forward. I used ALOT of whip to ask for more and as a correction, which there were very many. Jeremy wanted me to instead ONLY use the whip as a correction and that whip correction needs to be constant until I get a HUGE reaction. HUGE reaction.

On day two, I understood his style more. He sits back and watches how the rider trains their horse and through observation, helps them to do it better. So, on this day, I did what I wanted to do. Meaning, I rode my figures and exercises to prepare for what was to come next. I was working the one tempi’s and had problems feeling any rhythm to them and had problems knowing if my horse was actually changing or not. He suggested I have a very specific count in my head and only do that many. If I land on the same lead I started on and my number was even then we got each change correctly. Same with odd. This was basic but tremendously helpful. He also wanted me to focus on asking for changes, no specific count, with the tiniest aid possible, which helps with the one’s because there isn’t enough time to execute a large aid, it has to be minute to be fast enough to communicate to the horse. This has also been tremendously helpful.

In the piaffe, which we are trying to move from half steps to on the spot real piaffe, he again said to ask for a specific number, insist I get that number correct and stop.

Overall I feel if I can get a few truly helpful key tips from a clinician it was a successful clinic. I did get this. I would say however that a rider needs to be comfortable and confident carrying out their own agenda otherwise they will just go around in circles with helpful input but will probably get frustrated not working on the things they were hoping they would get to. Jeremy isn’t the type of trainer that gives you directions in the arena or tells you what line or exercise to do next. You need to know this and do this, and he will observe and teach based on where you bring the lesson.

By Reisa Bonetti

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