Clinic Review of Gina Miles

Gina came and coached the pony club that was at my barn. This was right after she had come back from the Olympics. She brought her silver medal and all the kids were so excited. She was very nice and allowed them to touch the medal, as well as take a photo wearing the medal in a picture with her. It was very inspiring for all the kids. I have seen her teach both jumping and dressage and she is great at both. Eventers are use to dealing with challenges horses and she was great with the variety of horse and rider that we had in the barn. From the timid beginner that wasn’t sure if they really wanted to go over the jump, to the kid or adult that wants to be at the four star level. We had some groups that weren’t the easiest to teach based on limitations in jumping height or rider skill, she did a great job at picking something each person needed to work on. Nobody got more attention or less attention it was very equal in distribution.

Courtney Peck

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