Clinic Review of Dressage Trainer Jeanne McDonald, April, 2017

I was able to ride my young horse with Jeanne. I didn’t know much about her since she is on the East coast and I have been on the West coast. She is very insightful and makes the lessons playful and fun. With my horse we worked on letting her neck out, as she can get tight in the topline in new places. She had me ride her forward and not allow her to lean in the contact and curl. This allowed her to be much more uphill and better expression in her gaits. She had me go on straight lines rather than circles; this allowed her to move more freely through the body. By the end of the lesson she was much loser and more in front of the leg.  I wanted to get her opinion on riding the young horse classes. She was helpful in schooling the various movements for the young horse classes and what the judges are looking for in the test. I left the ride with lots of homework, and a great experience for my young horse.

Courtney Peck
Trainer, USA

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