Clinic Review of Catherine Haddad Staller

I had the opportunity to ride with Catherine Haddad; at the beginning of each ride she asked what we wanted to work on. Then she watched our warm-up, helped improve thoroughness forward, and proceeded forward to the meat of the work. I was training two talented mares at the time. Both of the mares were learning the flying changes. Both mares had two totally different body types. One was short, compact and hot, the other was 17+hands and very long in the back. She gave me great exercises for both. The small hot mare she told me to get her collected in the canter, but quick like a bunny rabbit this helped her a lot. When we did this the mare got a little tense, she said we as riders need to learn how to use that tension some times it helps the ride get better. You have to know when to push through the tension and when to back off though. In this situation the tension helped it pushed both the horse and me in the right direction. Prior to the clinic the mare would be late behind in the change. The other big lanky mare I need to use the lateral aids with better. I need to push her off my leg before I asked for the change to get her clued into the change. This mare also needed to get quicker in the canter behind. I left the clinic feeling very accomplished and felt like I had more tools at my disposal. She also helped me get a much fancier trot out of both horses.

Courtney Hyatt

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