Clinic Review of Brian Sabo

I have ridden with Brian Sabo for years. He is a super coach. He has the ability to work with an array of riders and horses. Brian can give a super jumping lesson as well as a killer dressage lesson. What I would say that I like best about Brian is his ability to make you think. He asks the rider a lot of questions. He doesn’t feed you the answer so it makes you really try to feel what’s going on and put that feeling into words. If you don’t answer the question correctly he doesn’t make you feel stupid. As riders we tend to be hard enough on ourselves as it is. He has a great eye; he has helped me from training level to Intermediate. Brian has helped me with challenging horses and has always helped push through their issues. I always leave feeling like we have plenty of homework, but that we are on the right path.

Courtney Peck

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