Clinic Review of Arthur Kottas

Arthur Kottas came to the barn that I was at over the course of 2-3 years. He is a master at in hand work, and is great with the horses. I got to ride with him and he gave me great advice on a very hot horse that I had in my barn. We worked on getting the horse use to the leg, but not over reacting to the use of the leg. We schooled the counter canter and lots of lateral work to make her deal with the leg being on. I learned from this clinic, and he worked on exactly what needed to be worked on. Since Arthur was clinicing at this barn a lot I got to see him work with amateurs, professionals and some juniors. I would say you need to have thick skin to ride with him. In my opinion he was much better with the professional or someone with more skill and talent. Don’t get me wrong he would get after them as well, but they wouldn’t leave the arena in tears. I think he is super, but I would suggest auditing a full day before you commit to riding with him.

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