Arthur Kottas Clinic Review


I rode in a 3 day clinic with Mr. Kottas with a 4 year old that I had had for approximately 2 months at the time. I had issues getting him to not duck behind the bit and getting him into the canter.

Mr. Kottas was helpful in getting me to get my horse to take the contact, even if he was behind the bit and over round, and then gradually pushing him forward and pushing my hand out a little more, with the goal being that he kept the contact on the bit, while pushing his nose out more. We continued to do this and inch at a time with the goal getting him to keep the contact and getting his nose on the vertical. This was of course no easy feat, and was a strategy that needed to be worked consistently over time to get a full correction. He gave me a plan and a path and I appreciated that.

The canter issue was a bit different. He told me to simply put my outside leg back, use inside seatbone, little nudge inside heel. I of course did this, as I had been doing this, with no result. No canter. So, Mr. Kottas then chased me around the arena with a whip and sometimes my horse would canter and sometimes not. We did this for rest of the clinic, in which at the end, my horse still would rarely canter, using classic aids. At one point he had my trainer get on, which produced the same result.

My expectation was that he would have had many innovative methods to use to attempt to fix this problem. However, he used only one.  I found this very disappointing.

You can’t expect a different result by doing the same thing.

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