Five Life Hacks For the Stable from Dressage Training Online

  1. Hairspray on the jacket seams, keeps you dry when it rains. Often water seeps through the seams of a jacket, getting us wet, when it rains. To prevent this, spray hairspray on the seams. Voila, no more leakage!
  2. Use old nylons to polish your boots. After a cleaning, skip the polish and simply rub your boots with the nylon in a circular motion and they will shine like new.
  3. Don’t have nylons? Use spit and a soft cloth and rub away. This technique works equally as well.
  4. Problem with saddle pad shriveling? Simply rewet the pad and pul the bottom of the pad down hard on both sides and let it dry naturally.
  5. Make a halter out of your lead rope. Have you ever gone to get your horse hore-in-rope-halterfrom turnout and their halter is mysteriously gone? Do not fear…make a halter from the lead rope. Look at pictures to see the technique used.


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