A Dressage riders suggested list of ideas worth thinking about in 2017 by Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan


I just want to start out by saying that the featured image above, was purely used as research to see the response rather than an actual idea I am suggesting we think about. LOL. Both pictures posted are not affiliated with DTO but used for educational purposes.

I don’t usually make resolutions at New Year’s. Why, I don’t know. As I sit, thinking about it, I suppose it’s because I feel like I should be making changes as needed any day of the year. dressage in the field
However, I am going to take this opportunity to put thought into what real changes I would like to put into motion around my equestrian life.

1. I will be kinder to myself, giving myself more credit for the riding I do right
2. I will be stricter about not letting my horse lean on the bit, not even for a second.
3. I will go into each riding session with two exercises that I will use for the purpose of getting him sit behind
4. I will go into each riding session with two exercises that I will use for the purpose of getting him quicker behind
5. I will spend more time training outside of the court and less time inside

Each person will have their own unique list of course. But taking a few minutes engaging in this, has brought value. Give it a try.

Which brings up an interesting point; why don’t we hack out AND work on suppling, lateral work, transitions, flying changes, pirouettes, etc., etc.? We hack out as an opportunity to give our horses and ourselves, a refreshing break, to languish and relax. However, if the footing is good, what is stopping us, from actually using that as a schooling session? After all, Dressage stems from the work the military did with their horses, teaching them to perform movements intended to evade or attack the enemy whilst in battle. Battle certainly didn’t take place inside a Dressage court, thus they used these movements anywhere. While we have of course learned much over the years and operate in a manner that which protects our horses health and welfare to the maximum extent, is it wrong to school outside of the arena? If the sun is out and we have access to a beautiful trail or grassy field with sound footing, why don’t we school there instead? Hmmmm…an idea worth thinking about.

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