Selling your Dressage horse? Should you look for quality or quantity of traffic?


It seems that in order to succeed at marketing of your Dressage horse for sale, both quality of traffic and quantity are needed.

High quality traffic to a site where you list your horse for sale is essential. Quality of visitor over quantity of visitors, is king in this scenario.

The importance of content on a site and how it influences ones world, is what drives visitors to engage. DTO reigns supreme in terms of engagement compared to 90% of the equestrian websites that exist. Our content is compelling and game changing to our members thus they spend real time on the site. In fact our members spend on average 38 minutes per session on DTO. That is abnormally high for any website but is proof that our content is compelling and important to them.

Have you ever been watching a show, event, movie, video, in which you are very interested however your mind wanders for a moment, perhaps you check your email, send a text or look around the rest of the site while watching what your interested in. Our members do this too, often scrolling on over to the Horses For Sale tab, as they watch and listen to the training video in the other open screen. Its natural, normal and happens.

So if you would like to expose your Dressage horse for sale to an audience of engaged, riders, who are serious about their equestrian life; so engaged that they spend time and money on expanding their learning and knowledge as a DTO member, then you may want to post your horse on DTOs Horses For Sale page. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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