I Am The Face Of Truth, by Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan


“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” Friedrich Nietzche

I read an interesting post today on LinkedIn. I socialize there as a business persona and non horse related. There was a post I read, about people often not really wanting to know the truth. Instead, many operate from a place of “positive thinking”. They use being positive as an escape from issues, problems, or things in their lives that need to be changed.

The post went on to suggest one should ask themselves questions or litmus test their happiness in key areas of their life. The key here is to answer yourself with honesty and truth. Truth is the key. Truth is very hard for many. Wouldn’t it be interesting if you asked a few key people in your life those same questions about you and heard those answers too? Would they give the same answers about you? That could be a serious eye opener now could it not?

I whole heartedly agree with performing this questioning of oneself, I do this, a little too often I might add, which is why I am perpetually striving for better…and yes, I do realize, sometimes the peak, is actually in accepting and loving being in the space of exactly where you are.

Many move through life just accepting what rolls out before them. While it would be nice to live that way, in the end those same people get steam rolled time and again. Many times, they actually seem accepting of that too. The truth is, some are actually happy living in this manner because they never have to be in a conflictual or trying situation. They never have to fight. Although to me this concept of living seems ludicrous, it’s their life and not mine to judge. What can be judged is how I react when their passivity affects me.

Because I am passionate about my equestrian life, I always relate my thoughts back into my horsey world. I ask if I am happy with where I am at in that space. My answer in NO.

Here is the beginning of my analysis:

Q: Why am I not happy? Answer: I am frustrated that my horse and I are not further along that I had hoped to be by now.

Q: Why do you think you are not farther along? Answer: Either I am a crappy rider or my horse is simply not able to be what I want him to be no matter what rider he has.

Q: Why do you think you are a crappy rider? Answer: I can’t get my horse to do what I want him to do. He has been lazy and very heavy in the bridle, FOREVER. Forever. No really, forever. No matter what I do, it doesn’t have a lasting change. I have to ride ugly and not the way I want to affect any change. This makes me sad.

Q: Why does this make you sad? Answer: Because I have a vision of gliding along on my horse and we are this beautiful harmonious pair achieving high levels of success in our sport. I do not feel my reality is in line with my vision.

Answer: Maybe you need to change your vision? What would this look like?


Answer: Maybe you need to change your reality? What would this look like?

Stay tuned for more….

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