YoungStar Spotlight Tour was Incredible!!

Returned with our troop last week from tour, wow, it was a whirlwind and packed with powerful, insipiring education and tools. Attached are a few pictures, I will let the participants tell you what it was all about in their own words, watch for their posts in the next few days!

German FN, private tour and industry discussion.
Westphalian State Stud
Reisa with Dr. Ulf Moller
Scott having a go at driving my bus!!
Susan Pape, Bundeschampionate
Ingo Pape and Scott Hassler, play by play for us in the stands
Michael Klimke training for us at his farm
German tradition needing to be brought to America! Everyone should sip well deserved champagne after such a ride!
Peter Holler, German FEI Judge, educating our eye!
Group pic outside of our fabulous tour at the Westphalian State Stud. It was like going to Disneyland!

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Lauren Tisdale
7 years 6 months ago
Dear Reisa and Scott, Thank you for making the trip of a lifetime such an educational and amazing time! Im amazed with what we were able to see, visit and do in a matter of 5 days. Having the opportunity to watch some of the worlds top riders, meet with international judges, observe training sessions of top class trainers and see what it takes to make it to the top, was incredible. It was a truly inspirational trip, on an indivudal level and I believe for our group as a whole. I think I can speak for us all in… Read more »
Benjamin Pfabe
7 years 6 months ago
Wow, what an amazing trip this was! I left Thursday morning to board my flight from Washington D.C to Atlanta, where the entire group met to fly directly into Duesseldorf on the same flight. I imagine that is what the kids on MTV’s Real World must feel like when they meet for the first time at random locations. Luckily, Brandi Benedict lives very close to me, so we were on the same flight to Atlanta and were able to start our adventure together. Once in Atlanta, the group met pretty quickly and smoothly, even without really knowing what we all… Read more »
Alyssa Pitts
7 years 6 months ago
First of all, I want to extend a huge thank you to Reisa and Dressage Training Online for sponsoring such an amazing trip! I came away really impressed with Reisa’s dedication to expanding the educational horizons for the entire dressage world, and I mean that literally. It is really wonderful to have access to so many great clinicians at the click of a mouse, where it would be otherwise incredibly expensive to travel the world to see these clinicians. Dressage Training Online was incredibly generous to organize and fund this trip…it was absolutely amazing! Before I go into details, I… Read more »
Best Horse
6 years 25 days ago

Great information. It really made my day.