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9/2014 -Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz - Diaz Interview

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz is interviewed by Elly LessinThe total running time of this two part interview is 32:00.

Video Description

Elly Lessin interviews Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz with Jamie Amian on how he came to be one of the top dressage riders in the world. Juan talks about his WEG partner, Fuego, and their special connection as well as gives advice on how everyday dressage riders can be the best riders possible.

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz-ESP
Olympian and clear crowd favorite, Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz is based in Seville and is presently considered one of the most accomplished riders of PRE horses, the Spanish team and throughout the world. Strongly remembered for his 2010 World Equestrian Game