9/18/13 - Dr. Dieter Schule - Five Year Old Stallion- Relaxation and Frame

Dr. Schule and Gerhard Politz work with a five year old stallion and great rider on relaxation and controlling the poll.


Video Description

Dr. Schule goes over the trot work, and they move on to the canter. Mr. Politz points out that the horse, while good in the mouth, will get better with more relaxation. With coaching from both, the rider is able to bring the poll higher for a more correct frame. They use counterflexion to help keep him straight when he tends to go on two tracks.

Dr.Dieter Schule-GER, FEI O Judge
As O-judge, Dr. Dieter Schule has been involved in many international championships including the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen. He is one of the few judges who are educating future international dressage judges. Dr. Schule was a dressage judge fo