8/2012- Christoph Hess - 1st level - Suppleness, stretch

The goal is to ride this five year old on a long rein with as much suppleness as possible.  The leg yield on the circle is used to create suppleness, pushing him from the inside leg to the outside rein.

Video Description

Christoph Hess begins this rider with leg yielding on a circle, looking for the horse to stretch down. Once the horse has relaxed they move into the rising trot with a giving rein. They work on creating more suppleness.

Christoph Hess-GER
Christoph Hess has worked for the German Equestrian Federations training department since 1978 and is presently Director of Training and Education at the German Olympic Committee. He is also an FEI Level 3 (I) judge for Dressage and Eventing. He is act