7/2015, Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy - Schooling Third Level Test Movements

Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy coach two demo riders on the movements of the Third Level Tests.  The total running time of this three part video is 40:45 .

Video Description

Janet begins the session by talking about the importance of lunge lessons, and when you should be using a double bridle. While Debbie refits the double bridle, Janet explains the difference that there should be in the horse doing the Third level tests. Janet has the first rider ride the trot work from Third Level Test 1 while she gives scores and comments.

Debbie McDonald-USA
Perhaps the most decorated US horse and rider team attending the 2008 Olympic dressage competition is Debbie McDonald and Brentina. 2 time Olympian and numerous medals in other international competitions, such as the World Equestrian Games, World Cup, Pan

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