7/2010 Heath Ryan, Grand Prix, keeping the quickness behind in all movements

grand prix, piaffe, passage, half pass zig zag, flying changes

Video Description

Heath emphasized that you need to stay out of the horses way, being intellectual about your riding, listening to your horse. For the walk pirouettes he begins with shoulder in, forward into it, catch the outside hind which does a tiny bit of travere, moving the forehand around inside leg. Steady march rythem. Heath works on the trot, to piaffe, emphasizing the need to keep them quick.

Heath Ryan-AUS
2008 Beijing Olympic Games (Dressage) 2002 WEG Jerez - 12th in Team classification 2002 WEG Jerez - 37th in Individual classification 2002 Brisbane CDI - 4th Grand Prix / 3rd Freestyle 2002 Sydney CDI Grand Prix - 1st / Freestyle 2nd 2001 National Champio