7/2010 Heath Ryan, 3rd/M/Medium Level, Flying chages, Half steps

Heath helps this horse and rider with shoulder in and half pass. They work on the flying changes, and school the half steps.

Video Description

Schooling the walk pirouettes, you can see correctness though the turn is large and you can see some of the problems the rider encounters. Heath emphasizes that for this pair she needs to keep him especially round and very active. This horse has big movement and gaits, but has the potential to slow in some of its movements which has to be watched. Shoulder in work and half pass is shown. Schooling moves to large canter pirouettes. Quickness and keeping the jump is all important for this duo. Work on the flying changes comes next and again, the jump in the change is a bit slow which Keith points out could become an issue later.

Heath Ryan-AUS
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