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7/2010 Debbie McDonald, 4th/S/Medium Level, Keeping the horse steady in the contact while you work on activity

Debbie focuses the ride on getting the horse more steady in the contact. When they work on the canter pirouette she makes sure that the rider keeps the horse soft in the bridle during the movement.

Video Description

Debbie explains that when the horse feels stuck, to let go with the hand and push forward with the leg to get him more steady in in the hand to the bridle, if it doesnt work, then you let go and repeat the process again. They work shoulder in and haunches in. Emphasizing that you must soften and give the rein once you get what you want. They play with schooling the canter pirouette. Much emphasis is on soften the horse in the hand, while continuing to demand activity and quickness.

Debbie McDonald-USA
Perhaps the most decorated US horse and rider team attending the 2008 Olympic dressage competition is Debbie McDonald and Brentina. 2 time Olympian and numerous medals in other international competitions, such as the World Equestrian Games, World Cup, Pan

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