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5/2010 Colleen Kelly, Being aware of your horses ears

dismount, getting off a moving horse, mental zones, ear position, bailout

Video Description

Colleen discusses the ear position of the horse and how vital it is that you ensure it is paying attention, which you can see a great deal in where the ears are pointing. This ear position gives a great clue to divulge where your horse is mentally. Next she discusses the different phases of a bail out, which is just a little tickle on the rein, to a tight circle to a dismount.

Colleen Kelly-AUS
Biomechanics specialist, rider and judge, Colleen focuses on the science of rider physiology. One of 15 educational presenters for the 2010 WEG, Colleen analyzes, tests and improves balance, co-ordination and timing of the rider, e.g.:assessing what is p