5/2009- Kottas, 3rd/S Level, focus on lateral work and wallk pirouettes

This video has alot of focus on the flying changes and shows the work done on getting the changes each and every time, on the aid and not late behind. Arthur uses a few different exercises that would be appropriate for engaging and asking for the flying change in a rhythmical and routine way. If late behind or timing is incorrect, Arthur goes into detail regarding what he sees is happening that is causing this problem. Additionally, there is a lovely  preparational quarter turn exercise that is a very good intro to asking for a full walk pirouette.


Video Description

focus on half pass and walk pirouettes

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg-AUT
Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg was a member of the Spanish Riding School from 1960 to 2002. In 1980he was made Chief Rider and was the youngest person to have held this post in the 400 years of the School's history. He is a trainer and instructor of the highest