4/2010 Hilda Gurney, Grand Prix/S Level, Step by step GP ride

Step by step ride from Hilda. You can see how she warms the horse up. What she looks for, what she works on and where she is happy with the horses progress.

Video Description

Hilda takes you step by step through the warm up and work out with this mare. She begins with an active medium walk and lateral movements. At this point she keeps the horse fairly long and open, makig sure she is responding to the leg. In the trot she allows it to be fairly long, asking for no collection. Then its forward and back within the gait, all this time she is beginning to frame the horse up more. Canter work she is only at first expecting jump and activity, no collection. Then she moves into the tempi changes, with a counter canter thrown in, just to help her to keep stepping through. They go to canter pirouettes, start in the walk pirouette. Finally she works the piaffe and passage, walk....shorten it up....use the leg.....keep with the rhythm of the horses movement.

Hilda Gurney-USA
2-time Olympian, 9-time PanAmerican Gamer, Hilda Gurney has been an enthusiastic participant for more than three decades in the phenomenal growth of her favorite equestrian discipline, dressage. She is also an Olympic medalist and FEI Judge

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