4/20/2012- Axel Steiner, 4th/S Level, Pirouetes, Half Pass, Changes

Axel helps this pair focus on the precision in the schooling to improve the quality of the work.

Video Description

This 13 year old gelding who has been with his new owner for two months shows some tightness in his neck on the left, and Mr. Steiner asks for more chewing leading to softness in the poll. There is a great explanation of where to place the flying changes in the arena to encourage the horse to do them correctly and willingly. They use soft half passes and the shoulder fore to improve the quality of the canter.

Axel Steiner-USA
Axel Steiner (USEF "S", FEI 5*) has been involved with Dressage all his life. As a judge and teacher for over 40 years he has been part of the growth of Dressage in the USA and in many countries around the world. He hopes to continue judging and teaching

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