3/2011, Hilda Gurneyt, GP, training piaffe/passage

How to train the piaffe and passage. Watch three horses and three riders work on the piaffe and passage.

Video Description

Hilda shows you on three horses with different riders and at different levels how she trains this upper level movement. She shows you how she develops a dwell in the front legs to assist in passage and how to correct a horse that sits too much behind. She teaches both movements from the walk and trot, based on what works best for the individual horse and rider.

Hilda Gurney-USA
2-time Olympian, 9-time PanAmerican Gamer, Hilda Gurney has been an enthusiastic participant for more than three decades in the phenomenal growth of her favorite equestrian discipline, dressage. She is also an Olympic medalist and FEI Judge

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