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2016 West Coast Dressage Convention - 06/30/16 - Six Year Old rider position, shoulder in, travers, balance, stretching, flying changes, shoulder fore

In this third session of the Symposium, Adelinde Cornelissen addresses the training of a six year old and keeping the shoulder free and up through their work. Watch for fascinating use of the dressage movements for development of this promising youngster.  The total running time of this five part video is 41:15.

Video Description

Adelinde almost immediately starts working on the riders position. She wants her to not take her lower leg to far back. She has the rider do some bending and flexing with shoulder-in and travers to get control of the horse behind the saddle. She has the rider move the horse all around as well as work with the speed. The horse continues to improve.

2016 West Coast Dressage Convention Featuring Adelinde Cornelissen
features the acclaimed Adelinde Cornelissen. Adelinde is the individual silver medalist London 2012, team silver medalist London 2012, 10 x european champion medalist, 3 x world champion medalist. Watch Adelinde teach multiple riders of all levels.