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2010, Jan Brink riding, Step by step explanation of what the rider needs control of with the horse.

Schooling the young horse, Jan Brink is riding Roosevelt x Lauries Crusador, 6 yr. old, Level-3rd/M. Jan takes you through a step by step explanation of the different parts of the horse that the rider not only needs to have knowledge of but complete control over. He shows how the footfalls should line up so you can understand straightness and what you should be striving for. The poll, ribcage and hind end all critical, all connected. He then moves slowly into asking for collection by introducing short steps giving us a wonderful picture of what can be expected when first asking for this level of engagement. Lastly he gives a brief discussion on the flying change, and how he likes to introduce them, showing us all the while so that you may understand and see what challenges are normal and could lie ahead and of course how to correct those same challenges.

Video Description

Jan discusses the importance of keeping the hind legs in the footprint of the front legs, always within the same track. Jan moves into straightness and then lateral work is introduced, yet always remembering to focus on awareness of where your horses legs

Jan Brink-SWE
Jan Brink belongs to the world elite in dressage, and with the stallion Briar 899 he has had great success on national as well as international arenas. Jan has been to numerous world championships, including the Olympics, WEG, World Cup's, and all of the

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