2/2014 - Dr. Ulf Moller - 1st level, Contact From Behind, whip use

Dr. Moller works on creating contact by pushing from behind. The total running time of this two part video is 28:40.

Video Description

Dr. Moller works with this pair for the first time, and begins by watching them warm up. As they trot, Dr. Moller encourages the rider to sit and ask the horse to go forward when she comes off the contact. He helps her sit more centered in the saddle and keep contact on the reins. They work transitions within the gate, asking for the hindquarters to be quicker. In the transitions from trot to canter to trot he asks her for more bend during the transition.

Dr. Ulf Moller-GER
Dr Ulf Moller was born in 1962, he was one of the great auction riders, producing a string of very expensive horses for the famed Hanoverian Verband auction. Ulf was also the sales manager at the Hanoverian Auction stables in Verden and in 1998 he joined

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