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12/2013 - Dr. Ulf Moller -1st/2nd level, Through the Body and Neck

Dr. Moller teaches a lesson in keeping a horse through with steady contact.

Video Description

In the warm up, Dr. Moller begins this pair in the walk, checking for carrying hands, correct contact, and riding from the inside leg to the outside hand. If the rein is increased, it must be supported by more leg. They work towards the back coming up and more roundness. Dr. Moller offers great advice for when he comes above the bit. He explains what to look for in the warm up.

Dr. Ulf Moller-GER
Dr Ulf Moller was born in 1962, he was one of the great auction riders, producing a string of very expensive horses for the famed Hanoverian Verband auction. Ulf was also the sales manager at the Hanoverian Auction stables in Verden and in 1998 he joined

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