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12/2010, Henk Van Bergen, PSG, Introducing the Half Steps

Henk works with this horse and rider on introducing the horse to half steps for the very first time ever.

Video Description

For those that learn best from watching this is a wonderful demonstration of the rider asking for half steps for virtually the very first time. Henk commentates and gives guidance as JJ softens her horse constantly and asks with a little bit of leg to obtain quicker trot steps, more in place, which is great for quicken the hind leg and a beginning concept taught to horses prior to the piaffe.

Henk Van Bergen-NED
Coach of the Dutch dressage team, 1972 & 1992 Olympics. Coached private students at the 1984 Olympics. 1988 he was the coach for the Japanese team, Seoul Olympics. Currently he is the national coach for England's JR/YR team.