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12/2010 Col. Carde, -Training Level/I Level, Activity and throughness

Colonel Christian Carde, helps this rider on a lazy horse. They get the horse more responsive, and more engaged.

Video Description

Colonel Carde works with this student on achieving throughness threw activity. You can see with patience this session turns into a successful situation. Without contact, and give and take of the hand to the bit, this house cant come round and without coming round he cant activate the hind end and without that he cannot be through. The horse likes to resist the hand and stop the feet, Carde has her work on a 20m circle, with a shoulder in croup sporadically and drasticly out to activate the movement behind.

Colonel Christian Carde-FRA
Colonel Carde, the former director of the French National School at Saumur, Christian Carde is an FEI I judge and founder of ALLEGE-IDEAL, an international organization for promoting classically correct horses (with superb piaffe/passage transitions).