12/2010 Axel Steiner PVDA, display of 3rd Level Test 1, Free walk, extended walk

Some great questions are asked at the end of this test. Learn some super information on the walk, and the poll position from this piece.

Video Description

Axel discusses the importance of holding the halt, or any other movement. He also gives his view on errors and when he would blow the whistle vs. when he would mark the movement down a point. A question is asked whether or not he viewed the poll as being too low and he answers that, he likes the frame and poll position for this horse at this level. Another question is asked regarding what kind of contact is needed for the extended walk and he discusses and shows this in detail and comparative to the free walk.

Axel Steiner-USA
Axel Steiner (USEF "S", FEI 5*) has been involved with Dressage all his life. As a judge and teacher for over 40 years he has been part of the growth of Dressage in the USA and in many countries around the world. He hopes to continue judging and teaching

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