12/11/14 - Hilda Gurney - 1st-3rd level, Flying Changes for Green Riders

Hilda Gurney solves flying change problems for the green rider. The total running time of this video is 8:15.

Video Description

Hilda presents this session on flying changes for green riders, talking about common problems that arise when learning the changes. Riders often use their weight aids in such a way that they get unintended changes while struggling to keep the horse on the rail. By teaching the rider to sit to use their weight correctly, the problem of swapping leads is solved.

Hilda Gurney-USA
2-time Olympian, 9-time PanAmerican Gamer, Hilda Gurney has been an enthusiastic participant for more than three decades in the phenomenal growth of her favorite equestrian discipline, dressage. She is also an Olympic medalist and FEI Judge

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