11/27/14 - Ingo Pape- USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum - What a Well Schooled Young Horse Should Look Like,

Ingo Pape schools a wonderful Young Horse Prospect showing great gaits and confidence.  The total running time of this two part video is 29:00.

Video Description

Ingo Pape leads this session of the USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum. This talented rider shows the benefit of having quiet hands while bringing young horses along, allowing the horse to seek the contact. When stretching he asks that the mouth be at shoulder height. Ingo talks about the body language of the horse and the need to watch for what they are communicating. The horse shows a lot of ground cover in the canter and cautions against collecting incorrectly. After a walk break they return to the trot and do transitions within the trot.

Ingo Pape-GER
Highly respected German breeder and trainer of young horses, Ingo Pape and his team has experienced decades of success at the very highest levels of young horse competition and accolades.