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11/13/14 - Ingo Pape- USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum - Riding What Is Behind the Saddle, Pushing power

Ingo Pape works with a youngster on push from behind. The total running time of this three part video is 35:45.

Video Description

Ingo Pape leads this session, asking the rider to stretch this horse down in a longer rein stepping towards the bit. By slowing the tempo they allow him to swing more. Mr. Pape has them work in a serpentine with soft changes of flexion. He asks that they maintain their tempo as they ask for the canter depart. During the canter he reminds her to ride the horse behind the saddle. They play with transitions within the canter on a circle. They work on increasing the activity in the hind legs without increasing the tempo. For the trot walk transition Ingo has her keep forward with the hind legs stepping forward.

Ingo Pape-GER
Highly respected German breeder and trainer of young horses, Ingo Pape and his team has experienced decades of success at the very highest levels of young horse competition and accolades.