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11/12/15 - Colleen Kelly - Starting a Vaulting Club vaulting

Colleen Kelly shows us how to introduce young riders to vaulting.  The total running time of this three part video is 44:00.

Video Description

Colleen Kelly brings us this new video with a group just starting a vaulting club, and talks through how to get started. They cover safety issues first, and how to approach the horse in a group. Colleen starts them with a saddle on the vaulting horse, and one student riding while she lunges. They repeat the approach exercise, organizing how they will work together, as well as how to to dismount.

Colleen Kelly-AUS
Biomechanics specialist, rider and judge, Colleen focuses on the science of rider physiology. One of 15 educational presenters for the 2010 WEG, Colleen analyzes, tests and improves balance, co-ordination and timing of the rider, e.g.:assessing what is p