10/22/15 - 2014 Dressage Convention - Carl Hester and Richard Davison - Selecting and Developing the Elite Equine Athlete and Grand Prix training session, straightness, leg yield, half pass, passage, piaffe, responsiveness, in front of the leg, flying cha

Carl Hester and Richard Davison return to work with young GP horses, including Carl riding Nip Tuck, his WEG partner.   The total running time of this six part video is 01:32:15.

Video Description

In the final session of the Dressage Convention, Carl Hester and Richard Davison present three young Grand Prix horses and talk about how they bring them along. Carl Hester starts with a 9 year old with 3 GPs under his belt, ridden by Katherine Bateson-Chandler, a top American dressage rider. They begin with the exercises they did the previous day, riding a couple of steps of leg yield, then straight, then leg yield while keeping the head in front of the chest. He gives great tips on accurate turns onto the center line. While riding the half pass at the canter they also change the collection during the half pass. They next work on the canter pirouette, and with Carl’s guidance they get great quality steps. They begin with the working pirouette and work up to a pirouette on the centerline.

Richard Davison-UK
Richard is a four-time Olympian and has been at the fore-front of the international dressage world for three decades. As well as being among the world’s most experienced international riders he is in demand for his many other attributes. Richard has bee