10/2014 - Hilda Gurney - Fourth Level, bend square halt, collection, tempi changes

Hilda Gurney coaches a Fourth Level pair on the changes and pirouettes.  

Video Description

This 4th level pair begins with the walk in a round frame keeping the contact on the rein. Hilda explains how they go through all the levels in their warm up, so they encourage the mare to bend and stretch with a nice tempo. She gives a description on how to shorten the reins to keep from pulling back while keeping the bend. They canter, do a flying change and then work on transitions and lateral work in a working frame. In the halt they get her to land square without resting one of her hind feet. Hilda describes what was looked for at the WEGs- suppleness, confident relaxed horses, and riding in front of the vertical as well as sting walks and longer necks. They show a lovely medium canter and push her into the collection. In the serpentine they do a simple changes on centerline.

Hilda Gurney-USA
2-time Olympian, 9-time PanAmerican Gamer, Hilda Gurney has been an enthusiastic participant for more than three decades in the phenomenal growth of her favorite equestrian discipline, dressage. She is also an Olympic medalist and FEI Judge

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