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10/2012 -Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz -2nd/3rd level Flexibility, bending around the inside leg, collection

Juan helps this Lusitano cross with the connection and flexibility,. He works on getting the horse more into the outside rein from the inside hind leg. They play with lateral work and changes in bend to get the horse more supple.

Video Description

This unusual seven year old Palamino Lusitano Thoroughbred cross begins with lovely trot work. In the serpentine, they work on using the inside leg to outside rein with the changes of direction, asking for bend around the leg. Mr. Diaz asks for attention to the straightness of the neck.

Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz-ESP
Olympian and clear crowd favorite, Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz is based in Seville and is presently considered one of the most accomplished riders of PRE horses, the Spanish team and throughout the world. Strongly remembered for his 2010 World Equestrian Game