10/2010 , Jody Harstone, 1st Level, Getting the horse lighter in the contact

Jody works on getting this horse to yield to the bit. See how she gets the horse lighter on the forehand and lighter in the contact. She shows how she trains into the horse what the reins mean and how to teach them using pressure release aids. This is a must watch video for those who has a horse that likes to lean on bit or is constantly heavy in the hand. 

Video Description

Jody explains how to work with the horse to get him to be lighter in the bridle and not lean on the bit, thus lifting him up off the forehand.

Jody Hartstone-NZ
Jody, shortlisted for Athens Olympics on Landioso and the 2010 WEG qualified rider for Dressage representing New Zealand, Jody teaches and lectures worldwide emphasizing her training based on scientific principles of behavioural theory. "The rider's aids